‘Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.’

I believe I was put on this planet to help restore the feminine spirit. I am a trained hypnotherapist, women’s coach, author and mother of two.  To keep up with my busy schedule I practice Yoga Nidra and in 2020 during the global pause, I trained in the very practice I use to nourish and nurture my mind, body and soul and I’m here to share it with my fellow sisters. 

After acquiring a unique property in 2020 and following months of listening to the subtle whispers of my soul, I knew the space was about giving back to other women.  Having been on many retreats and seeing first-hand the benefits of bringing women together – cue the birth of Just Be Retreats.  My retreat has been created so that you can rest, recuperate & rejuvenate so that you can shine bright and illuminate the world and yoga nidra is the keystone to complete rest whether it’s joining one of my classes or coming along to one of my retreats.

When i’m not hosting retreats and yoga nidra classes you can find me in session with women, helping them emotionally and physically through various psychotherapy and hypnotherapy techniques. I work one to one with women from my home in London or on zoom. One of my most favourite parts of my work is helping women to get pregnant. I frequently have great success with women who have struggled for years to get pregnant and after some in depth exploration and healing through the subconscious mind, my clients finally enjoy their long awaited baby. Want to work with me?